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Before registering online, please review our Policies!
Birthday Parties are for children turning 6 years & older only!!!

Follow these simple steps to book your Monarchs Party:

Step 1

Print this page and/or follow these instructions

Step 1

Click here to RSVP for your Party in Agoura Hills
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  1. On the next web page scroll to Birthday Parties or select Birthday Parties from
    the drop down menu.
  2. Scroll down the page until you find the party/day/date you are invited.
  3. Select party date by clicking on date.
  4. On the next web page, select time/name of party by clicking "Attend".
  5. Next, create "New Customer" account and add guests names or log in as "Returning Customer".
    select child or add child who will attend party and click "Continue".
  6. Print the party confirmation and save for your records.



Newbury Park Hosts Only! Remember to confirm "Gate Code" with office.

If you have any difficulties with our online party booking/rsvp system, please email info@monarchsgym.com, or call:

Agoura Hills: (818) 889-3634
Newbury Park: (805) 375-4663


Party Policies and Safety Rules

Thank you for coming to Monarchs National Gymnastics Training Center for your friend’s Birthday Party.

  1. You are scheduled for a two hour (one hour and a half games & activities in the gym and thirty minutes in the party room) birthday party. We suggest you arrive close to the actual time that the party is scheduled for. There may be a prior party in progress at your arrival so please be respectful of their space. Early guests may wait in the waiting area. When you arrive, please check in with your party hosts.
  2. Children cannot go onto the floor before the party time.
    Children cannot go onto the floor after they eat (this is a serious health and safety concern)
  3. Birthday Party Liability Waiver - Please remember that you are responsible for providing a signed Liability Waiver. Every child who participates in the gym MUST HAVE A SIGNED WAIVER to enter the gym areas.
    Please go to our website and register RSVP and sign a Liability Waiver online. Location and directions are available for download.
  4. Please be considerate of the party after yours and pick your child up at the designated time.
  5. There is no food or drinks allowed in the gymnastics area. No smoking or alcohol is allowed on the premises.
    Parents are welcome to stay and watch.  They may be out in the gym to take pictures or to accompany a younger child on the floor. Young children and children not participating in the party must stay with a parent/guardian at all times. Also, for the safety of our athletes who may be in the gym during your party, flash photography may not be allowed. Please check with your party instructors to see when and if it is ok to use a flash.
  7. No shoes are allowed in the gymnastics area. We recommend children remove their socks. Parents must remove their shoes. We suggest wearing form fitting clothing for all participants. No jewelry, jeans, or buttons please! Cubbies are located outside of the activity areas.
  8. We do not provide child care before or after the party. Children may be unaccompanied by a parent / guardian for the duration of their scheduled party time only, and must be escorted into and out of the gym by a parent or guardian. Waiting outside is unsafe and prohibited.
  9. Monarchs is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  10. Parents/guardians are responsible for and will be billed for any and all damages caused by their student and/or minors*.
    *All parents and children are guests in our facility and expected to treat our building as they would being guests in anyone’s home.

Monarchs National Gymnastics Training Center reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Birthday Party Guidelines and Suggestions

  • We recommend keeping the children invited within the same age group. Our games and activities are specially designed for the age of the birthday child.
  • Guests who are helping the host may arrive 15 minutes prior to the party start time. Once the party begins, parents and friends have 1.5 hours to set-up and decorate the party room, if necessary.
  • You should receive guests Special Offers / Discounts* with your invitation. Please contact our offices if you have any questions in this matter.
    *cannot be combined with any other offer
  • Have fun!

IMPORTANT: Newbury Park Hosts Only! Remember to confirm “Gate Code” with office.


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