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Sunday, July 01, 2018

Who's ready for cheer try-outs? Well don’t worry we've got you covered cartwheels to back-handsprings. It’s the perfect time to get in the gym and get back-hand-springing.

 You can't expand
 without the basics:
 Cartwheels, Bridges,
 Roun -offs
   Now that you're a semi-pro: Front & Back Handsprings
Everything is better in multiples: Back Handspring, Back Handspring, Back Handspring, Back Tuck
Cheer classes  for 4.5 - 6 yrs / 7 - 11 yrs / 12 - 18 yrs
You asked, we delivered;taught by former HS & College Cheerleaders, this class focuses on everything you need to ace your try-outs in May/June. Handstand, Round-offs, Back handsprings. Boom!


The Monarchs Tumbling & Cheer program is strategically developed to provide students with essential skills necessary to promote their tumbling and cheer proficiency. Our safety and curriculum certified instructors use tumbling techniques and fundamental cheerleading practices for performance readiness, bi-lateral motor skill development as well as increasing balance, coordination, flexibility, agility, strength, and determination in students. Your tumbler will utilize the floor, tumble track, trampoline, long trampoline, and foam pit to master tumbling skills from beginning to advanced. Your cheerleader will learn basic motions, jumps, and stunts; they will master dance techniques and routines as well as essential tumbling skills. The Monarchs Tumbling and Cheer program is suited to a variety of ages and skill sets and aims to get you ready for All-Star and High School cheer or as a supplement to your dance pursuits. Find a class today and blow your competition out of the water when you need to!