Flips & Tricks

Monday, July 02, 2018

Classes  for 6+ yrs

A class for boys and girls interested in learning cool moves seen in the movies. Great for freerunners, martial artists, trickers, stunt people, gymnasts. Students will learn how to perform flashy kicks and tricks such as side aerial, butterfly kick and twist, 540 kick, and crescent kick and much more! Class will focus on building onto student's basic tumbling foundation. Instruction will take place on spring floor, trampoline, long trampoline, foam pit, and rod floor. This class is ideal for those students interested in learning the coolest tricks and flips from gymnastics and karate on the coolest equipment in the gym!
 for class schedule click here Agoura Hills or Newbury Park
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  + PARENTS NIGHT OUT / program for members and guests!
  + OPEN GYM for only - $11.00/hr !